Permanently Delete Comments

How can I permanently delete a comment on a blog post?

I’ve got a spam comment and I can hide it, but it shows the following messages under the comments:

  • for subscribers: This comment has been hidden.
  • for non-subscribers: This comment has been removed.

I would like to permanently delete the comment so the above messages aren’t shown at all.

Is it possible?


I’d like to know that too.
I got a nasty comment from an anonymous member, who it seems signed up just to torment me. I’m thinking of removing this member, since I don’t know who it is and he/she left a nasty comment. I have hidden it, but I want to remove it permanently, but I can’t find settings for it anywhere. Very annoying!


Sorry to hear that. Hope they just go away.

Meanwhile, it would be really nice to eliminate all traces of deleted comments. I don’t really see the use of “This comment has been hidden/removed” messages.

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Yep, it’s one of those scratch your head moments, I don’t get that either.


@software_writer Yes, it should be a possibility to handle comments properly, edit them, remove them, hide them, give warnings and of course totally delete them.

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I’m not sure if we can “fake” delete comments for subscriber display with CSS.

Hmm, interesting idea. Will have to investigate but sounds like a possible solution. I already hide/modify a bunch of stuff on the page with CSS and JavaScript so it could work.

Thanks @cuongtran!

There’s a way to log in as the other user and delete the comment as such. I can’t find the option to hide the comment, myself, but I was able to delete it like that.

I’ve heard about that, but it would be a huge no-no for me since I need permission from the user in order to do so. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have had some help from a friend and this person leaving the nasty comments has most likely stopped now. The account is still there and it will remain until he removes it himself.

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Hide “This comment has been hidden”.. meilechh shared this a while back and it works perfectly for me. It doesn’t perm delete them, but it at least hides the messages saying they’ve been removed.

wait, there’s a line saying the comment has been removed! why is there a line saying the comment has been removed? who does that benefit?


That’s a very good question. Beats me.

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