Permanently Delete Comments

How can I permanently delete a comment on a blog post?

I’ve got a spam comment and I can hide it, but it shows the following messages under the comments:

  • for subscribers: This comment has been hidden.
  • for non-subscribers: This comment has been removed.

I would like to permanently delete the comment so the above messages aren’t shown at all.

Is it possible?

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I’d like to know that too.
I got a nasty comment from an anonymous member, who it seems signed up just to torment me. I’m thinking of removing this member, since I don’t know who it is and he/she left a nasty comment. I have hidden it, but I want to remove it permanently, but I can’t find settings for it anywhere. Very annoying!


Sorry to hear that. Hope they just go away.

Meanwhile, it would be really nice to eliminate all traces of deleted comments. I don’t really see the use of “This comment has been hidden/removed” messages.

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Yep, it’s one of those scratch your head moments, I don’t get that either.


@software_writer Yes, it should be a possibility to handle comments properly, edit them, remove them, hide them, give warnings and of course totally delete them.

I’m not sure if we can “fake” delete comments for subscriber display with CSS.

Hmm, interesting idea. Will have to investigate but sounds like a possible solution. I already hide/modify a bunch of stuff on the page with CSS and JavaScript so it could work.

Thanks @cuongtran!