Permission denied for the current user

Any one ?

I install new ghost after remove the old one

when I’m trying to check status ghost

show stop b

but my website works fine


any help
webite link :

What’s the output of ghost doctor?

  1. SystemError

Message: You are recommended to have at least 150 MB of memory available for smooth operation. It looks like you have ~71.3203125 MB available.

Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v18.04.6 LTS
Node Version: v16.19.0
Ghost Version: 5.32.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.24.0
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost doctor’

Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.

Try restarting MySQL to temporarily free memory and run ghost doctor again.

Also, consider setting up some swap space if you haven’t already.