PhpStorm + VPS ≠ Theme Development

Hello ghosts!
Sorry for my English.
Please tell me what am I doing wrong.
I use PhpStorm as an IDE. Ghost is deployed in my cloud.
Remote Host is configured in the IDE (PhpStorm), in which I launch the terminal.
Now when I’m developing a theme, I’m facing a problem.
I connect to the server in the IDE as root, run “sudo yarn dev” in the terminal as ghostmanager (the user created for Ghost ), and then start making changes to my theme.
The terminal displays the following:

[20:24:07] path_to_ghost/content/themes/mytheme/partials/icons/avatar.hbs reloaded.
[20:24:07] path_to_ghost/content/themes/mytheme/partials/icons/facebook.hbs reloaded.
[20:24:07] path_to_ghost/content/themes/mytheme/partials/icons/loader.hbs reloaded.
[20:24:07] path_to_ghost/content/themes/mytheme/partials/icons/rss.hbs reloaded.
[20:24:07] path_to_ghost/content/themes/mytheme/partials/icons/twitter.hbs reloaded.

As I see the terminal reports that it has reloaded all pages.
Changes in the file occur (checked through sftp), but the changes are applied only after I restart the ghost.
Why is this happening?
Why aren’t the changes happening like they are on my local PC (just reloading the page was enough)?

It seems like you’re running the installation in VPS in production mode. You shouldn’t do theme development in production because of the issues you’re running into.

Your best bet is to do theme development with a local installation (ghost install local)

There are problems with this.
I am working on a template at home and at work.
At work, our security team doesn’t allow “git clone”, but I can work with an sftp connection.
Therefore, the option with a constant “push” to a personal repository does not work.
My idea was to raise a closed copy in my cloud so that I can work quietly at home and at work.

Can you advise me please.
Is it possible to install “ghost install local” on the cloud?

ghost install local will work on a VPS, you just need to configure the firewall to allow connections from your IP (e.g. sudo ufw allow from {your_ip} to any port 2368)