New to Ghost. How can I see changes I made to templating and themes?

Just installed Ghost! Used Cloudron to do so.

Modifying theme file in /home/yellowtent/appsdata/5131bf16-d7gfdgfdgfdgdfcd-431d-8c32-4b5e322c7934/data/content/themes/mytheme/default.hbs and saving changes doesn show anything changed on my website.

When I completly restart the server, changes shows.

  1. Do I have to launch a rebuild command or something else after each changes?
  2. What about CSS? Is there a command to rebuild something to?

I highly recommend setting up a development environment on your local computer - it makes developing so much more pleasant! That way you can set up live reloading - you wouldn’t want to run that in production, but it’s awesome for theme editing.

Many themes need css built - if you have gulp in your theme, you probably need something like ‘gulp build’. You might also be setup with rollup - it depends on what theme you’re building on top of. What theme did you start from?
(If the starter theme, see the page here: GitHub - TryGhost/Starter: A development starter theme for Ghost )


Thanks. I use Dawn theme. I think it uses Gulp. From where do I launch the gulp rebuld command?

I use Cloudron for dev. Prefer this over local. Much simplier.

Generically (without knowing anything about cloudron), from the theme’s root directory … content/themes/dawn/ in this case.