Plans to Add Automated Email Sequences?

I love Ghost and it has everything I need, except email sequences. When someone signs up, send them a certain set of pre-configured emails, in addition to any new posts I publish.

Just curious if Ghost ever plans to support automated email sequences? Is it on roadmap, or no plans to add it anytime soon? I know it’s a requested feature in Ideas section of the forum, but I haven’t seen any update if it’ll be even considered in future.

Since Ghost already supports publishing a post at a certain time in future, why not add this functionality for a list of posts that are sent after a certain number of days after the user signs up?

Being a developer, I know it’s easy to suggest but hard to implement (how hard it could be?), but I strongly believe this feature significantly influences the purchase decision-making process for numerous users when choosing between Ghost and ConvertKit/ Beehiiv.

Automated email sequences is the only feature for which I see myself switching to ConvertKit (they have it on a $25 plan, so not sure how many users would be interested in paying for both Ghost and CK), but if Ghost plans to add it, that would be amazing.

P.S. I know that it can be done via Zapier + ConvertKit integration but again, you need paid plans for both, whereas a native functionality in Ghost (even at a higher price point or as a paid add-on) would be great.