Feature Request: Email Sequence

When a new user subscribes to the blog, I’d like to send them a pre-defined email sequence of curated posts from the blog archive over the next week or two, in addition to any new posts I publish on the blog.

I know I can accomplish this with ConvertKit integration, but I love Ghost as a product, and really wish there was an out-of-box, integrated solution, even at a higher price plan. I’d totally pay for this feature.

What do you think?


Love the idea. I gave up ConvertKit last month and started sending all mrjugendarbeit.com emails from Ghost.

The two things I miss the most are automated email sequences and sparkloops referral marketing.

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I would love this functionality too. It’s pretty important for email marketing in my opinion and while I know that’s not Ghost’s core mission, it has likely replaced a separate email app for many of us (it has for me).


Feature requests should go in the #ideas channel. And this idea has already been posted there: Custom email series: welcome / retention / renewal - #9 by RyanF

Add your vote if you think it should be added.


Sounds good, thanks @RyanF!

Hi @RyanF The ability to send a short email sequence for new subscribers would be a huge upgrade. Please consider integrating this. Thank you.


Hey all. As there’s still no solution from Ghost, I described my custom way to send automated email sequences to new ghost members with a specific label. Exactly matches the case from @software_writer

It involves Airtable and Gmail. Just posted it in a similar thread