Podcast transcript

Hi there,
I noticed that there is no option in Ghost to publish only on Web.
It is important for SEO purposes to publish the podcast transcript under the audio/video, but if I do that it will send pages and pages of transcript via email to the subscribers.
Has someone found a way to add the transcript only on web?


When you publish an article, you have three options:

  1. Web only
  2. Email only
  3. Email and web

Is that what you’re asking? Or maybe I’m missing something?

Right. The main benefit of using Ghost for me is to not have to publish two different pieces of content. I publish a podcast episode and send the notification of a new episode. In this case I’m referring to the lack of a block that allows to publish text only in the web. Similar to the block to send the content via email but not to publish it online. In short, how could I publish in the podcast post that I send via email and publish on web a transcript of the podcast? It doesn’t make sense to send it via email because it is too long and I only want it to be published for SEO purpose.
Any suggestions on how to achieve that?


Gotcha. I thought this might be what you’re after.

There’s not a “web-only” card or something like that at the moment. One workflow that publishers use is to create the email-only version, duplicate it, and then add in the extra content to publish on the web. While you do have the extra step of duplicating the post, it allows you to maintain the longer/shorter versions of content.

That’s a great idea. I will look into it. Thank you.