Is Ghost good for hosting both written and podcast content?

I’m planning to start a multimedia platform with both articles and podcast content

I want some of the podcast to be free and some for subscribers, and some of the articles to be free and some for subscribers

There will also be multiple authors writing articles

Is Ghost a good option for this?

I don’t really want to go with Substack but it seems like it might be an easier option for distributing podcasts and for my circumstances?

Thank you

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Very doable! There are several themes that work with podcasts. You can host the audio file externally or on ghost.

@gmaz Ghost is definitely the best option. You will own your content, manage your subscribers, there is no commission taken by ghost on the payment.

It seems to me like the podcast hosting options are a bit technically difficult though?

I have both blogs and podcasts on my site. It works really well.

The biggest consideration in my opinion is whether you’re making a forever decision with Substack because it’s really a closed system compared to Ghost, where you can export your content and switch to another platform if you want.

Ghosts’s API makes it really easy to integrate with things that’s aren’t native integrations. For example, I hired a developer to create a two-way sync with MailerLite because my business case requires email automations not offered by Ghost. Unless Substack has changed I don’t think that’s possible.

Good luck with whatever you choose!