Porting over the current gallery block back to the original Casper theme

I run a small blog that still uses the original Casper theme (before it became more like a magazine with image cards). I have been tweaking it slightly to be able to run with recent Ghost.

I am now interested in embedding galleries into it. Could someone point me as to where I should start to look at in the current Casper theme to see what I should port back?

Thank you :relaxed:

When you say “galleries,” what do you mean exactly?

Can you share a screenshot?


I meant the gallery content type (which I now realise seem to be called card assets) in the editor.

I was previously running Ghost 4.x and now I updated to 5.x. In doing so, the fact that card_assets automatically seem to set what they need in terms of stying via cards.min.css has made this functionality work out of the box.

I now have the original Casper theme running an up-to-date Ghost with this sort of functionality working without me needing to do anything in addition! :relaxed:



Nice. Love when it’s that easy. Lol :smile:

Under the hood, Ghost began shipping the required JS/CSS for galleries, so you should be to go.

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