Possible Ideas for Having Custom Fields on Members

Hey everyone, just joined the forum and have been poking around. I know that there’s no custom fields for members. I’ve seen a few folks asking about it, either on the forum or in the discord community, and have been trying to find a use-case.

I know we can slap on some labels and even trigger workflows with Zapier around members, which is cool. Ghost has a pretty wide feature-set, so I’m just curious as to how people would envision this would benefit their workflows or business? I’m really just crowdsourcing ideas from other creators and would love any thoughts that you have.

And, if I’m barking up the wrong tree here, feel free to point me in the right direction. Cheers!

I see lots of requests for storing phone numbers and addresses, first and last name separately, and often a few additional business-specific items.


@Cathy_Sarisky Thanks for your response. I could see value in that. I wonder if there are tools already out there to manage the CRM portion of a business. For example, I’m sure tools like Salesforce or Hubspot could handle the new members and additional custom fields.

Is there a reason why other tools wouldn’t be used within the community? Or maybe they are / isn’t a huge need for ghost newsletters?

Of course there are other tools that manage extensive user contact info, such as the two you named. I think the desire is to collect the user’s information as they sign up for the newsletter, and also to have access to the user’s information within Ghost.