Extended sign up form

Has anyone managed to build a sign up form that collects more than email address and name? We want to also collect other information such as job role and type of employer. This is to enable us to better target what we write and have directed surveys by job role.

Steven, it’s not that it’s hard to build a form that collects more. It’s a question of where the information goes.*

Ghost doesn’t have custom fields. So you can’t store that information within Ghost, without some extra hurdles. BUT, you could absolutely build out a process that takes a more detailed user sign-up, stores the information somewhere else, and ALSO posts to the Ghost endpoint that generates a magic link for the user.

  • If it’s a very limited set of information, you might be able to store it as user ‘labels’. (So if there are a handful of pre-defined employer types, you’d create a label for each one.) If it’s free-form responses or something, then you definitely need to store elsewhere.

Thanks Cathy

I will email you directly to discuss this further


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Out of curiosity, is there a reason/philosophy as to why Ghost has such limited data capture options? Surely phone # and address are common, basic pieces of data that virtually every membership signup site would be able to capture and store.

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I agree. It’s running on a dB, we should be able to grab and store anything. Has any progress been made on this topic.?