Possible to mark posts [Paid] or [Premium] instead of [Free]?

When I’m making free posts, I would rather have no tag, but when I make paid posts, I would rather have a [Premium] tag on there.

I found the {{visibility}} helper, but how can I make it such that it only displays paid posts?

This is what I’m using in my Penang theme to achieve the same.

<div class='post-visibility post-visibility--{{ visibility }}'>
  <span class='paid'>Paid</span>
  <span class='members'>Members</span>
  <span class='public'>Public</span>
 .post-visibility span {
  display: none;

 .post-visibility--members .members, 
 .post-visibility--paid .paid, 
 .post-visibility--public .public {
   display: block;

That is quite clever! Thanks.

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Great solution. Was looking for this. Thanks!

Just a note to other users, the css should be enclosed in <style></style>

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