Possible to specify/resize image size when publishing from Ulysses to Casper theme?

Hi. I’m using Ulysses to write my blog posts. Ulysses lets you publish directly to Ghost. I’m using Casper.

I don’t like the sizing of some of the images, however.

Ulysses lets you specify the dimensions of images on the editor end, but this seems to not be getting respected within the Casper theme.

I didn’t see any way to resize images on the Ghost editor end once the post is uploaded to Ghost as a draft - it only lets me add a link or caption and that kind of thing.

I read some forum posts and it seems like maybe I’d have more options if I used the Ghost editor, but I wanted to use Ulysses and was relying on that working correctly…

So what is the best solution here? I plan on using lots of images in my post. Do I need to rethink my whole workflow, or is there some sort of quick fix I can use?

I tried uploading an image directly through the Ghost editor but didn’t see any way to resize there either.

I figured this out.

if I wrap an image in divs in two separate raw source BLOCKS (NOT inline raw source ~tildes~, has to be Raw Source Block) on the Ulysses side…

…the image gets published to ghost, inside a single HTML card!


So given that, you can do whatever styling you like on images using the div and adjust to your heart’s content.