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Ghost stores multiple versions of your posts as you edit them, in the background, so if you make a mistake or lose some work — you have a handy backup.

Previously, though, recovering post versions was a bit of a manual process. Now, we've introduced a simple new UI so you can browse through your post's edit history and see who edited what, when, and restore any version with a single click.

If we were funny this would be a good spot for a gag about time travel, but we're not funny so here's a video of the new post history feature instead:

    </figure><hr><p><a href=""><strong>Ghost(Pro)</strong></a> users can log in and start enjoying all of this right away! If you're a developer, self-hosting Ghost, you'll need to <a href="">update</a> to the latest version to get access to everything that's new.</p>
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Cool, but is there a way to keep this feature off? On Wordpress Revisions takes a lot of memory and there is a way to keep it off.

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Now this is what I’m talking about. Great update, really.

Love it. Can we please change the settings page back to what it was? Or at least something more user friendly. Thanks!


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