Content versioning - how to? New plugin needed?

Hello. I’m looking good cms to deal with new project I’ve started to work on.
One of requirement is to versioning the posts to be able to see previous article version.

I didn’t find it by default and I think that I’ll need to write plugin for this as I didn’t find other solution neither.

So I’m wondering how hard would it be?

I’ve found this question, but it is closed.


I’m not aware of versioning in Ghost.

Would you exclude the possibility of using Ghost for not having this feature? Or using a Google Doc ( or local text file) could serve as a workaround before publishing?

I’ll find some way, thanks for answer …

I’m going to hack my way through this. Basically use a submission and production server with GitLab pipelines in the middle. PM me if you’re interested. Perhaps we have aligned interests and can split the engineering hours @domino2

Thanks for an offer … I don’t need exact git functionality, but something what will add immutability to entries. So I’ll able to go through previous versions of same article lets say what means that any edit will cause that new article will be made and previous state kept.

That’s custom code in ghost and not something that is built out. I haven’t explored how much work it is and my use case makes better use of GitLab so that’s the route we’re taking. Best of luck!