Preloader for a website

I want to add a preloader to my self hosted ghost web site. How to do it?

Hey @thimiraonline :wave:
Can you explain what you mean by a “preloader”? Is this a loading screen or some kind of lazy loading mechanism? :blush:

A loding animation whike a page loading it content.

Ah I see. Just had a quick search online and found this relatively brief implementation:

Sets a loading screen that you can style yourself and will be removed once the site has fully loaded :blush:

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Thank you, if it is work with Casper, I’ll mark that reply as the solution.

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What you’re asking about will work with any website you have source code access to, with the right implementation. If you download and edit the Casper theme you should be able to add the code needed. It’ll be a mix of HTML in some of the HBS files (including partials maybe), then the addition of some CSS as well and maybe JS.