Problem assigning a template to a channel

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I’ve read and followed this documentation to setup a channel on my site.
Unfortunately I did not manage to assign a template to this channel.

I’m using a customized version of Casper. You can access the site here.
As it is the cover banner is showing on the channel page.
I’d like to prevent this from happening and hide it completely.

So far what I did was setting-up a custom route in my route.yaml file.
Like I said, I went with channels rather than collections.
The custom route works; no issue on that front. See the content of my route.yaml file below:


Then I went on creating a tutorials.hbs file and saved it in partials.
Is this where this is supposed to go? I couldn’t find documentation about this.

Thanks for your help.

tutorials.hbs is a full page, so it should be in the theme root directory, not in partials.

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Gotcha. I moved my template to the root directory; this doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately.

You’ll need to restart Ghost for the file to be recognized, depending on how you uploaded/modified the theme.

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Ah! Thanks a ton Ryan (as always); will do this now.