Problems Connecting with Stripe (Ghost hosted on DO)

Not sure, but people from India (planning for paid membership using Ghost) can request their support. For now, we can only wait. Or use Zapier, PayPal, BuyMeACoffee, etc. But these are kind of dangling connections rather than an in-built provided such as Stripe.

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After having 2-hour chat with the Support team of Stripe :

Thanks for chatting with me earlier pertaining to connecting your Stripe account with Ghost. I am glad to have communicated with you.

Digging deeper, it looks like Ghost is not yet supporting INR currency. This may be the reason why you are getting an error despite being connected already. Due to your account’s existing integration with Ghost; they’re the best resource to confirm this for you.

To help you out, I took the liberty to get the Ghost support page for your reference. You can connect to them via phone and email below:

Support info:
Support website: Ghost Help Center
Support phone: +19148882368

Although you have already contacted them and redirecting who contacts us is never ideal, as we strive to take complete ownership of your questions; I want to ensure you are on the right track and getting the assistance you deserve.

I’d also like to suggest finding another application or plug-in that you can partner with instead of Ghost if they are still not supporting INR.

I’ve also included the transcript of our conversation just in case you need it for future reference.

If I can be of further help, please feel free to circle back to this email. I’ll be more than happy to help.

So Case is rest, It’s an integration issue, acceptance was always there.

As per this changelog, Ghost has started to accept INR from June 2020.
Ref: June Updates: What's New

They also mentioned that corresponding Pricing Plans will be created in our Stripe accounts. So they have worked on the integration part too. But don’t know whether it was successful or not.

Can anyone check if we have the same problem in 3.X version, please?

I actually had a big conversation with Stripe and they denied it from their end that we don’t support Indian Accounts Via ghost integration yet so more or less it’s self explanatory why we are being rejected even after perfect setups.


I have contacted ghost customer support and they said that they are aware of the issue they are constantly in touch with stripe, they are resolving issues ASAP !

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Both Stripe and Ghost aren’t aware if they support India or Not. Weird!

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I talk to their customer support and ghost has assure that the issue will be resolved as early as possible :crossed_fingers:t2:


Quick update on this: We’ve been working with the team @ Stripe to figure out what’s going on. In short: Stripe’s India origin servers are experiencing issues with slow connectivity, which means the “Connect with Stripe” API request is timing out / not completing.

There’s nothing wrong with Ghost / nothing broken on our side - it’s a Stripe infrastructure issue and they’re working to fix it.

We’ve also made a few changes on our side to try and wait as long as possible on Connect requests, to give them the best possible chance of completing.

Ghost has supported merchants in India for a long time, and there are many (many) people using the product with Stripe accounts in India successfully. I’m sorry that Stripe support gave incorrect information about Ghost “not supporting” merchants in India – but to be clear: We do.

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Hello John,

Thank you for your response. I did got an email from Sarah stating the issue is resolved. I checked the site hosted on and it is resolved. But i am still facing the same issue on my self hosted site (I checked in a new incognito window).

Are there any changes that needs to be done in self hosted version apart from ‘ghost update’.?

@John I also check once again on my ghost pro site but still it is showing connection error

Hello Everyone,
I was able to connect successfully with the Stripe (India) account both on Ghost Pro ( and self-hosted ghost.
The issue has been resolved.
Thank you Ghost team for following up with Stripe.

In case anyone is still facing the issues, please clear your cache and try again.

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