Payment Currency In INR / ₹ - Membership / Subscription

While Stripe is available in India now. The Ghost team will need to update for INR / ₹ just like they did for the latest 5 currencies. Here’s why this is important:

According to Stripe (I checked with their support) - an Indian customer cannot use their Indian credit card to make USD payments (as of now). If they have a USD/International Credit Card (which means an international/US address also) they may be able to make the payment in the default USD. This also means non-Indian customers will have no problem for paying in USD.

However, if your customer base is predominantly in India - then you have to offer INR, and Stripe does accept that.

So, just starting this thread in hopes that the Ghost Team will put INR on the table/roadmap soon - so we can build our sites in India. (I know some major publications that are using Ghost, and would love to see this as well).

Please like this if you wish to get INR on the radar :slight_smile:


Hey :wave:t3:Thanks for your feedback about adding currencies, it’s definitely something on our radar to expand across more currencies in the future.

In the meantime, you can already use any payment gateway you want via Zapier or directly via our API. Patreon is just one documented example , the same setup works for just about any other system.

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Thanks Kym - but its not as efficient as having it built directly into Ghost, as it is with other currencies. The less moving parts we have, the better Ghost becomes.

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