Problems Connecting with Stripe (Ghost hosted on DO)

Not able to connect to Stripe via the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button.

Error Message:
Connection error
An error occurred while connecting to Stripe. Please try again by clicking on “Connect with Stripe” in Ghost Admin to start over.

Ghost version: 4.11.0
Server: Digital Ocean Droplet (Ubuntu 20.04)

In Stripe I have two accounts, one is for Australia and another with India. I was able to connect to the Australian account but am facing issues in the Indian account.

Tried Multiple times with no luck.
Can anyone please help.

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I’m facing the same problem: Stripe integration fails on self hosted ghost instance

Yes, same problem. But i checked on ghost hosting too and it was failing there as well.

Looks like an issue with Indian stripe accounts. On my thread I’ve posted about a particular endpoint failing. My guess is that some validation logic is failing, but without looking at the code, I’m unable to say what’s going on.

Agree. Is there any way via which we can generate that token manually and paste it into the Ghost console?

I think there is a way to get a stripe account hosted in some accepted country but that takes starting price of 100$ by private firms. I am also struggling with the same error for weeks with no clue.

It says error 500 and according to the forum of Stripe, they claim it’s an error from their end, not ours.

If someone finds any solution it would be a great help.

Have you tried contacting Stripe’s support via email? That might be the next step.

Well, I tried Sharing detailed analysis to issue this problem with my developer console step by step, it got removed by the moderation team saying it’s the same problem as this topic. I mean I mentioned more practical screenshots to be figured out by experts via the Drive link. How am I even supposed to get any solution if any topic just being 20-30% similar to mine gets unlisted.

List of errors I am getting step by step :

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Also, one thing to note is that Ghost comes under the list of approved applications in Stripe after authentication. So Stripe is completing their flow and able to approve Ghost, but somewhere it breaks at the Ghost’s end.

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I’m grateful for your patience. Sorry for the wait. I was checking the current status of your Stripe account on our end, and I can confirm your account is fully verified. Having said that, your payouts, refunds, and charges are all enabled. Upon further review, your Stripe account is already integrated with the platform Ghost. Upon checking on the screenshot you’ve shared, it seems that the error occurred from the platform Ghost’s end. Looking into your request, it would be best to directly contact Ghost as they built their own integration with Stripe; hence they’ll be the best source of information to sort this out for you, and for further insight with the integration as well as the error message.

I truly understand your position about your concern and we acknowledge the importance of resolving it. With that being said, I took the initiative of getting Ghost’s support page for you to reach out to, and hopefully save you some time:


I am really confused about who to contact as they also forwarded me with response to contact ghost.

It’s definitely a problem at Ghost’s end.

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Did you find any solution?

Unfortunately No. I am getting the same error messages and responses as you posted in dev tools.

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Update: Stripe is able to provide the Authorization Code back to Ghost. The error occurs after Ghost tries to use that Auth Code (along with state) to get the Account ID. The last step is what finalizes the connection but it fails with a timeout error of 2500 ms. I tried that with Postman too and the same error. They have their API call running via Netlify and error is coming from that. Some developers can check it out and rectify it, please.


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Let me have a look at it.

Thank you for providing this much-needed information on the Subject writing.

Well, Debate can come to an end. Stripe isn’t supported in India. :frowning:

Well, Debate can come to an end. Stripe isn’t supported in India. :frowning:

Stripe (Preview) is definitely available in India. You can also accept international payment (in non INR currency) and within India you can accept payment in INR. You need to be a company or Sole Proprietor to accept international payment. You can register as Sole Proprietor and get your IEC from DGFT.

The only problem is that the integration between Ghost and Stripe is not available in India.

The other option is to opt for Stripe Atlas, and other some options to get an LLC in the states. But that comes at a cost. Quite a hefty for some bloggers.

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how long we have to wait for ghost to integrate stripe in india any idea brother