Problems with Collections

I thought Collections were the answer to my organizational challenges, but I just can’t get them to work. It’s odd that there is information in the Developer Docs, but then users post solutions that contradict what’s in the Developer Doc and a lot of the guides that are linked to in the forums yield 404 pages (e.g.

So I’m trying to create a Collection for posts tagged ‘fiction’ so that they don’t show up on the index page, but are relegated to a fiction Collection. No matter what I do, whether I use the sing hash quotes around the tag ('), using negative tags, etc, all of the stuff I see noted in the forum, the Collection page shows every post in my site, just like the index page.

Here are some screenshots of things I’ve tried, all reflecting different suggestions from the documentation or the forum. And interestingly, none of them made any difference in how content was displayed on the site:

So now I’m curious if there’s a definitive guide out there. I love Ghost, and I’m very comfortable with basic coding but the documentation does seem a little inconsistent, so I find myself noodling around a lot––I actually enjoy coding, but it’s a matter of spending my time either with code or with content, and I prefer the latter. I hope I’m overlooking some silly novice ghoster error!

I tried one more, based on another poster sorting out this same issue. It also had zero effect on how the content is displayed on any of the pages:

So this is a wee bit frustrating: these customizations don’t work with the Headline theme. When I change to other themes, the Collections controls work.

I replied on your other thread - it’s because headline uses {{get}} helpers to get specific parts of the front page. You’d need to edit the theme itself.

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