Problems with Dawn

I love Dawn but it loads up slowly on PageSpeedInsight.

How do I optimise it?

Also, my theme’s name is not scaled, as shown below.

Currently using Casper as it’s faster, but I prefer using Dawn for it’s design

Hey @haikalkushahrin . The Dawn theme is fully open source and you can submit a PR with any optimization you think is useful.

loads up slowly on PageSpeedInsight.

Please provide more detail about what parts are marked as slow. I see my site loading with very high score of “98” on desktop. It is slightly slower on mobile - scores “84”.

Some data here. Desktop is 84
Could it be because I use the $5 dollar option for the DigitalOcean droplet?

Not sure that’s the reason. But to speed up the load time (speed index) you might try putting your site behind a CDN - Fastly or CloudFlare. The rest needs closer investigation.

My site is behind Cloudflare, so I’m not sure what else I can do to speed it up.

Hey @haikalkushahrin, looks like your site isn’t using the latest version of Dawn. Google Fonts preloading and font swapping were added in this commit. This might help improve your site performance score.

Yeah, that seems to improve the scores, I got up to 90 on desktop.

Is this considered local font hosting? I followed the theme’s documentation on hosting the fonts previously, but the font didn’t load.