Problems with Ghost in one VPS and NGINX server in other


I have a Ghost setup with DigitalOcean one-click app, I have in another box my NGINX server (mysite. com) already running, I want to have mysite .com/blog point to the Ghost server.

The problem is when I configure the URL of Ghost (ghost config url) to be https ://mysite(.)com/blog it stops working, what I really want to achieve is:

  1. Ghost accessible at http: //ghost-vps-ip
  2. points at Existing box with NGINX
  3. Existing box with NGINX has rule to forward /blog/* to http:// ghost-vps-ip
  4. http:// ghost-vps-ip should render HTML with mysite(.)com instead of http: //ghost-vps-ip

So I think what’s really the problem is that Ghost does not have a setting to change the HTML rendered URL, instead when I set the URL it seems to expect the request to come directly from the set host?

This is how the blog currently errors

The main problem seems to do with SSL, if I set the URL to http: // (instead if https) it works, but then it uses http instead of https all over the place.