Problems with magic links in Gmail mobile app


When users try to login using a mobile device, they click on the link in the email. This link is not open in the regular browser but in the “integrated browser” in the mail app.

This is the default in gmail

So, the session is not persistant in the browser. They have to copy/paste the link without clicking on it… and it’s not always easy to do.

I’m not sure it is possible to force the link to open in the browser (ie safari).

But maybe receive, with the link, a specific “PIN” number to enter directly in the browser?

So I have this problem with more and more people on iPad/iPhone…
So created a dedicated page with this code:

<div class="contact-form">
	<input type="text" id="token" placeholder="Code" required/>
	<a target="_blank" href="" onclick="this.href='/members/?action=signin&token='+document.getElementById('token').value" >Connect</a>

And I send them just token (from the impersonate link) to paste in this page.