Working on moving my theme to a PWA - Magic Link Challenges

First, the good. I love the platform. It’s clean, fast, and easy to work with. I love it so much, I’ve been keen to set up a nice PWA (Progressive Web App) version of my site using some of the many theme modifications out there to get a good PWA experience.

The problem I’m having is that under iOS, there is no way to associate the Magic Link email with the installed PWA app, it just goes straight to Safari.

It’s a pain, but not something I think Apple is very keen on addressing. Is there any interest around providing a “cut/paste” code or digit sequence to the Magic Link email that a user could apply to the PWA directly?

Sort of a “login” like page where you paste your code in and off we go?

Just trying to figure out a way to do this if at all possible.