Pruning & Reactivation

In the recent email from Ghost,

i read: * Be prepared for your list of inactive readers to grow the longer you’re in the newsletter game. Consider running a reactivation campaign to win back subscribers who have decided to tune out.

is it possible to run an reactivation campaign?
like sending a “hello, i see you are not active on my newsletter, please consider reading this and click on the link or your account will be deleted”… if so, HOW?

From the members page, add filters to look for users who aren’t reading and aren’t visiting:

(You can add more filters, too.)
Then, under the gear icon, you can apply a label to them (which will allow you to select them for a ‘special’ newsletter sending), or unsubscribe them, or delete them, or export them for emailing elsewhere.

What’s missing is a ‘last opened email’ filter. That’d be really nice to have, for figuring out who is currently disengaged. Right now, it’s easy to find who has never engaged, but it’ll take a long time to tell if someone read for a couple years but has recently stopped…

I either unsubscribe or delete people who signed up months ago but have super low open rates and haven’t been back to the site. [It depends on whether they look like real people or test accounts, in part.] I figure if they aren’t reading or visiting, continuing to email them is just asking to get flagged as spam. And while zombies bump the total sign-up numbers, they don’t add much else…

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that is much more than i expected ( i could have never guess to press the gear after the filter).

I Agree with deleting the zombies (no value and flags) - i would be nice to be able to send an email to reactivate them but if they are around 3-5% it s possible they do not engage anyway.


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