Publication info and identity disappeared after upgrading theme

I upgraded my Ghost installation from v2.8.1 to v2.9.1 and all of my publication info and identity images stopped appearing on my blog. They are still shown and available on the box and in the admin panel, but are not displayed in the blog at all.


  • Ghost-CLI v1.9.9, Ghost install v2.2.0 & Casper theme v2.9.1
  • Tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome (latest versions)
  • No console errors

I have tried updating the info to see if that triggers something but this is to no avail.

I have my own customisations on-top of Casper which can be found on GitHub here: GitHub - Leoooob/Casper: The default personal blogging theme for Ghost

Thanks for your help.

Casper 2.9.1 is compatible with Ghost >2.10. This is stated in Casper’s release notes

The latest Ghost version is 2.14, please upgrade.


Thanks Hannah, my bad! I ran upgrade but it quite get me up to date it seems.

Thanks for the quick spot on the versions.

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