Publication logo vs publication header

Hi all,

I am just trying Ghost and I can’t figure out the difference between publication logo vs publication header. Or better, I understand it on paper but then whenever I upload them they behave weirdly.
The logo is incredibly small, no matter the size of the image I upload.
The header is very wide and high and my image is of a good size but in the middle of a big blank space (of the colour I pick).

When I have uploaded both the logo and the header, they display on top of each other and also the site description text shows on top (so 3 elements).

I just want my logo on the middle or left of the top bar, in a visible size.
I know it also depends on the theme, but shouldn’t be anyway showing up with a reasonable size?
I read posts talking about code injection but I don’t want to go down the route of custom development.

I also know that every theme is different but I have tried many and they all behave the same, more or less.

Last but not least, I am on a trial: is it normal that it only shows around 20 themes to choose from?



Hi CptDezko! Welcome to Ghost!

You’re right that the logo and header behavior varies from theme to theme. (And sometimes even within a theme, depending on your settings!) Some themes don’t use the icon, logo, and cover, although Ghost will let you upload all three anyway. (All will use the icon as the favicon, but beyond that, it’s really variable!)

If you want to name the theme (or better yet, link the site you’re working on), it’s usually pretty easy to adjust sizes of the logo just with code injection. Name your wants and someone will help you out! :slight_smile:

The themes that show up in the Ghost admin panel are the official themes provided by You can upload a different theme (provided you’re not on the Starter plan). Here’s the big list of themes: Ghost Themes - The Marketplace

Note that themes change how your content is laid out, but don’t affect your actual content, so it’s 100% ok to try a few before picking a favorite. (Although that could get spendy if they’re paid themes…) Themes often include some documentation for how to use them - you’ll want to read it, especially if what you’re getting doesn’t match what the demo looks like.

Thank you, Cathy! I am following your suggestion and first I am trying to migrate my Medium posts, so I will be able to work better on the layout. I am following Ghost’s instructions but I get an error message of unsupported file. What should I do? I am on a Mac.

What’s the extension on your medium export?

it’s a folder full of .html files. I zipped it and tried to upload it as suggested

so I’d check that zip folder for anything that doesn’t look like an html file or image. Anything else there?

There are many folders in the Medium zip export. I opened it and rezipped only the “posts” folder, as explained in the documentation.

There is nothing but .html files in the whole Medium export folder

All sorted, thanks! I didn’t need to upload only the “Posts” folder but the whole zip file. I don’t know where I had read that only the posts should be uploaded. Thank you for all your help! I might still need to get back to you regarding customisation and logo / header sizes, though. The plan is to become a paid customer, but I want to be sure it is the right platform for me, first.

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