Publishing date under postcard excerpts

My blog is built with Dandelion theme. Because all posts are written by me, I have removed my name and also the reading time from the postcards (I don’t like reading time). Instead of that I want the publishing date on the postcard excerpts. I can’t figure out how to do that. Anyone?

Use the {{date}} helper with published_at within {{#post}}{{/post}} block.

{{date published_at format="MMMM DD, YYYY"}}

For more details about {{date}} helper see here.

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Thx. Is there a way to manage this in Code Injection?

I did it like this:

 .post-card__meta {  display: none;  }

Thx. Doesn’t work for me.
This does:

.reading-time, .author-list, .author-name { display: none; }

But that’s not what I’m looking for. I want only the date to be displayed on my post-cards.

OK, guys, I’ve solved it. GBJsolution was right. Outputted his line in post-block.hbs. Thanks for your help.