I want to display third pary rss or api on my home page in a custom theme

I want to create a custom theme where i can also have three displayed embeds on my home page above the rss of my recent posts. These three third party embeds I would like to somehow update through an api or rss(not sure what is more appropriate on ghost). I tried finding info on the forums and documentation but I was having trouble. Please advise. Thank you

You can do this in Ghost. If it’s a post or page, just use an HTML card to put in whatever needed JavaScript. If it’s for the theme, add the javascript to the theme.

you can do that with simple javascript fetch

and modify the DOM

all you need is fetch and modify the DOM.

  1. if you want to do the hard way, edit the theme and put the script there
  2. if you want simple way, inject the script on header or footer
  3. if you want simple way and care about SEO, put the script on Cloudflare worker or similar