Recommendations for Weekly Newsletter Sequence

Hi all,
I’m a newbie trying out the Ghost platform to see if it suits my needs. I really like the format of the host and themes but after doing research I’m hitting some roadblocks on the flow I need. Specifically I require two things:

  1. An 8 week automated email sequence that delivers introductory email upon sign up, followed by 7 weeks of free weekly email, then a final email that includes a link to become a subscribing member.

  2. When they sign up as a paying member they receive access to my Ghost site (archive posts of previous posts/emails), plus continued weekly emails (which would now be a sequence of subscriber only emails, to differentiate from the introductory, free sequence.)

I really like the wide range of options available on Ghost vs. other platforms like ConvertKit and Substack and would love to be able to make that happen here. Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Check out our tutorial on sending a welcome email (which also includes info on creating an email sequence):

If you have other parts of your plan you’re still trying to figure out, let us know!

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