Redirect Careers links when expired

Hi Team, We have a requirement to Redirect Careers links when expired.


If the Job offer or posting is expired, any possibility of re-directing the respective Job Offer URL to the main careers page?

(Redirection Automation)

Appreciate all your quick support on the same.


How are you tracking that an offer is expired?

We could use a URL - Parameter or UTM link? Do we have any plugins on ghost CMS or could we track the URL parameter date ? Thanks @Cathy_Sarisky for the concern.

Appreciate all help and thoughts.

Ghost doesn’t have plugins, nor custom data fields. You could include a field with a date as an HTML card and then use a little piece of javascript to redirect the browser if that date is expired. If you made a snippet as a template for each job post, that’d simplify getting everything set up correctly.

If you’re looking to build out a really robust jobs site (including letting people post jobs), Ghost might not be the right choice. If you already have a Ghost blog and are looking to add a few job posts that you manage somewhat manually, Ghost might be a reasonable option.

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Thanks a lot for the prompt and informative reply.
I will check this with our developers.

Much appreciated your kind support @Cathy_Sarisky



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