Redirect non www to www

Hi team

The ghost Website I am developing is
I have added a custom domain i.e. which is working fine.
I have purchased this domain with Now I want to redirect to this ghost website but it is not working. I have added an A record and forwarding rule in GoDaddy. I need to add both domains in Ghost also. Can you please help me with this?

Here’s the docs on how to set up a go daddy domain with ghost!

Followed this document only. is working but is not working seems like it is related to the SSL certificate
Any documentation or suggestion on how to resolve it?

Your DNS record for @ is incorrect - you need the A record for @ (naked domain) to point at the Ghost IP address. (See document above.)

I have added the A record for value @ also

I have added the correct A record for value @
Then, I added a CNAME record for the value www
And added a forwarding policy in Godaddy to forward to
Now is working but is not working

Remove forwarding policy. Follow the doc I linked above.