Redirect settings www in Cloudflare not working

I’m doing the setup for the redirect of our custom domain.
We redirected to our Ghost domain, which is working

The www is not working though. I followed the instructions for Cloudflare.
Do we need to do both setups as in the documentation:
create an A record for www and point it to
Add a page rule for* and set a 301 to$1 ?
And why add the $1 ?

What if we also want to redirect the media subdomain to our Ghost site, I guess this is also a 301 redirect the same as for www ? Tried that but it’s not working either


You can set the A record of the www subdomain to so it does not get sent to ghost directly.

Then your page rule looks fine, so should work

The $1 is a placeholder for the * - It will pass on whatever uri from the oringal request to the new url

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