?ref parameter being added to links

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Many links across the site content have ?ref=photomojo.au querystring appended. I’m not sure why.

This breaks the links using the javascript protocol that I’d like to use to invoke the chat box.

The link I paste is: javascript:void(Tawk_API.toggle())
The link that appears is: javascript:void(Tawk_API.toggle())?ref=photomojo.au

The latter breaks the Javascript.

Is this something I can turn off?

This feature is called “Outbound Link Tagging” and can be disabled in the analytics page of your Admin dashboard (https://{site}/ghost/#/settings/analytics)

That being said, the tagging being applied to inline javascript is probably not expected behavior :slight_smile:


Thank you! Disabling that feature did remove the tag from the javascript and now it’s working.

It looks like the issue with javascript: urls getting the ref treatment might be fixed in an upcoming release :slight_smile:

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