Referral System (Like MorningBrew)

Does anyone know if it’s possible to integrate a referral system like sparkloop into Ghost? I want to create a referral mechanism for the newsletter like MorningBrew or the hustle.


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I see the integration with FirstPromoter. But it’s not straightforward. Does this referral system go into emails in ghost?

There’s also the integration with Viral Loops which seems a little more straightforward. I don’t think any of them are great solutions though. Worth remembering as well that Morning Brew’s program is custom built - so it’s clean because it was built like that.

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There are integrations with both FirstPromoter and Viral Loops.

FirstPromoter is generally better suited to monetary referral programs, where you give affiliates a monetary commission for each referred customer.

Viral Loops is mainly better suited if you’re running a rewards based referral program, where you give affiliates physical or digital rewards.

Read more about the considerations of referral programs for publishers here: Newsletter referral programs explained

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