First Promoter integration help

Would any Devs here be open to helping me integrate Firstpromoter with Ghost? Happy to pay you for your time.

URL: (hosted with Ghost).

I’m using the Dawn theme by Iveel. I’m confident Firstpromoter is worth trying but I can’t get the signup tracking to work. The visitor tracking part is working but not the signup tracking part.

I am aware of the instructions in this guide:

But worry that I shouldn’t follow them to the letter as:

  1. I have turned off the ‘free’ signup option on my site with help from Iveel support
  2. I have already set up a custom ‘thank you for signing up’ page which is redirecting correctly, thanks to help from this great forum.

So I’m not sure how to adjust the instructions above bearing those changes in mind.

I’m really keen to get this integration up and running and would love it if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I’m happy to work with code and have followed my nose so far but don’t have technical experience.


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Hi Andrew – did you have any luck with this in the end? Having the same issue here! -Uri