Remove date and feed title in Edition

I’m using the Edition theme and would like to remove:

  • the date on individual posts and also in the feed
  • the feed heading words (currently “The Works”) on the home page

Also if anyone has suggestions for other themes I might use if it appears that I am minimising “Edition” so much a simpler theme might be appropriate.


Site is here:

Hi @SJH!

Check this code into Code injection:


Thanks so much for this…

My ignorance in these matters knows no bounds, if I want to keep the reading times, do I just remove .feed-length and .single-meta-length from the code?

(edit) I see that with your code, the reading times remain. Ignorance is not always bliss…

Also, is there an order for things to be put into the Code Injection? I already have some code changing the font and my Google verification code. Can this go between them?

Thanks again.

There’s no conflict as long as the style codes have their <style> ... </style> tags. If you have a lot of code within these tags, you can group them into one. However, there’s no issue if they are separated.

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I just noticed that in “Related Posts”, the date is still present. I guess there is more code to add to remove it? Something about feed-date?

To remove the date from this section, add the .feed-calendar class to the previous code.

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Added before .feed-date and everything worked as expected.

Thank you for your patience.

No problem, I’m glad I could help you out in some way :)

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