Removing Date From Blog Posts

Hi there, i have just changed theme to About this theme

I am trying to remove the date on blog posts but i cannot find any settings and unsure what to put into the site header code injection.

Any help would be amazing.

For the front page:

.gh-card-date { visibility: none }

For individual posts, add this:

.gh-article-meta time {visibility: none }

But that leaves behind a – before where the time should be. Unfortunately, that’s a text node, and I’m not managing to hide it without hiding the whole .gh-article-meta. (Argh.)

Hey Cathy,
I tried what you said but no luck sadly.

Unless i am doing something wrong.

Got a link to your site?

sure thing

Sorry - that should have been either visibility: hidden or display: none

Sorry for the confusion! :)

Super, all working now thank you

.gh-card-date { display: none }

is what i used

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This is what i used

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 20.32.51