Removing Date From Blog Posts

Hi there, i have just changed theme to About this theme

I am trying to remove the date on blog posts but i cannot find any settings and unsure what to put into the site header code injection.

Any help would be amazing.

For the front page:

.gh-card-date { visibility: none }

For individual posts, add this:

.gh-article-meta time {visibility: none }

But that leaves behind a – before where the time should be. Unfortunately, that’s a text node, and I’m not managing to hide it without hiding the whole .gh-article-meta. (Argh.)

Hey Cathy,
I tried what you said but no luck sadly.

Unless i am doing something wrong.

Got a link to your site?

sure thing

Sorry - that should have been either visibility: hidden or display: none

Sorry for the confusion! :)

Super, all working now thank you

.gh-card-date { display: none }

is what i used

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This is what i used

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 20.32.51

I am trying to remove the date on all posts in the digest theme but this code injection is not working. Do you have another work around

Hey @smartbizexec ! Every theme needs different code injection. For Digest, try:

.gh-article-date { display: none } 

Or if that doesn’t work, tack an ‘important’ on, like this:

.gh-article-date { display: none!important  } 

Wow Cathy, thank you I used the important and it worked. Is there a way to remove the words latest post

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Looks like the code below added to your <style> section should do it. That ‘latest issue’ is the only spot I see that selector in use, but if you find anything else is suddenly missing, it’s possible that you need something more selective…

.gh-article-label {
  display: none!important;

Oh, and if you’re looking to remove all dates, you may also want to target .gh-card-date - I see it in use on the authors page. :)

Thank you so much Cathy. I noticed some themes have styles like underline and highlight but i don’t see that option in my digest theme. how do i underline or hightling

If you select some content in the editor, a small popover will show up that allows you to pick underline or italic. (Ctrl/cmd-U or -I also works.) Styling is up to the theme (and can be tweaked with code injection), but that’s how you get the theme to do whatever it’s set to do.

Thank you Cathy. I’m using the Digest theme so there is no underline, italics or highlight. Is there a code I can inject so that when I hover it shows that.

Also is there a a code to change font and font size.

Thank you

You can always add bold and italics in the editor, although how a theme displays it might vary. You highlight the text, then hover a second with the mouse. It looks like this:

You can access underlining with CTRL (or the Mac equivalent)-U. Ctrl-I and -B also work, if you find that faster.

I just confirmed that this works with Digest, i.e.

(If that isn’t working for you, what browser, and are you on the new beta editor, or the original? I just tested with Chrome and both the old and beta editors seem fine.)

Update: If you want highlighting, that’s a bit trickier. Options:

  • Use a MD card or an HTML card.
  • Cheat! Repurpose some other styling. For example, the following [in your Ghost code injection] highlights text that is both italic (em) and bold (strong) [and doesn’t italicize or bold it].
strong em, em strong { /*listed in both order so that you don't have to apply them in a specific order in the editor */
    background: yellow;
    font-style: normal; /*these turn off the italics and bold*/
    font-weight: normal;

If you’d rather repurpose underlining than italic or bold, that ‘u’, and you’d want text-decoration: none to avoid underlining the highlighted text.

Hi cathy. how do i increase the font size on mobile

A search of the forum got me several discussions of how to adjust font size, including this one, which gives several options for mobile: Change font size on mobile - #6 by wbullock . Here’s another: Change font size

Whether those selectors will work on Digest, I’m not sure off the top of my head, but if you right click and inspect one of your pages, you can figure out what selectors will target the font you’re trying for.

Please try it out and post if you get stuck, being sure to show what you’ve already tried! :slight_smile:

Cathy I tried these before I asked you and none of them worked.

Please try it out and post if you get stuck, being sure to show what you’ve already tried! :slight_smile: