Remove email-only Subscribe button from Edition

Hello - I’d like to remove the Subscribe button on the Edition front page that appears in the middle of the cover image. The reason is that this particular button only captures email addresses (I would keep if it functioned like a normal Subscribe button—and offered a subscription option). Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thank you.

EDITED TO ADD: Another idea would be to convert this form’s email-only functionality into a regular “Subscribe” button/form. Would be grateful for advice on either option. Thanks!

Hey @Megan_H, I’ve had the exact same thoughts. There’s the subscribe button top-right and the button at the bottom-right (which appears when scrolled down) which both activate Portal. The subscribe box in the middle there is nice, but if you’ve got tiers/paid-membership set up with Portal then the subscribe box almost has the effect of thwarting people from being made aware of any paid memberships available.

I’ve yet to launch a site with Edition and so haven’t “fixed” things yet, but while it could either be removed or changed into a mere button (as you suggest), the whole thing could be made into a button itself (rather than a submission box) that pops up Portal.

Anyway, I won’t be putting any thought into that at the moment, but for the meantime if you’d just like to remove it entirely then insert the following into your code injection:

.cover-form {
    display: none;
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Hi @Stromfeldt - Yes, that’s great! Your solution works perfectly, just what I was looking for. Thanks so much for your help!

Same here. Turns out Dawn does it the way you’re suggesting; I use it because of that over Edition. (Also submitted a request for a Dawn option to display the cover similar to Edition, could be a nice look)

I haven’t bothered with customization yet but maybe you can bring that code over from Dawn to Edition: