Edition Theme - Changing Subscribe Button Action?


Theme: Edition - Newsletter/Blog (FREE)

Problem: I wish to change the action of the Subscribe button on the front page.

Instead of it emailing the person directly (image 1), I would like for it to open up my different Membership Tiers (image 2).

I have attached an image that should explain what I mean.

This is the link I would like the homepage subscribe button to direct to:

Is this possible, if so how?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @WizKid,

The simplest solution would be to replace the form with an <a> tag pointing to your Portal link:

<a class="button" href="#/portal/signup/">Subscribe</a>

Here is the code you should replace:

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Thank you Biron,

I seem to be encountering a problem. I cannot modify my homepage much?
When I go onto Site Design there are only a few things I can modify.

When I go to “Pages” I cannot see a home page?

Below I have an image attached that shows you what I mean.

Is this normal?

Thank you in advance.

This is not something you can do directly from the Admin section.
You have to download the theme, edit the files and then reupload it.

I will give it a go, thank you Biron!

I have another thread that I urgently need help on, could you maybe check it out?

Thank you for everything already.

I am having the same problem, could someone please walk me through how to unzip edit and then rezip the files to change the subscribe button to the portal. I apologize, I have no coding experience and this is all very complicated to me. I am on a Chromebook and I have Ghost Pro Starter plan if that matters. Thank you!