Remove formatted code text on editor

Is it possible to remove the formatted code with a quick command from the keyboard or otherwise?

I copy a formatted text from an old article of mine to write a new one.

The text formatted for the code is also copied, how can I remove it?

There are clearly many ways, the easiest is to copy it into a text file that does not save the formatting and then copy it back. But I wouldn’t want to do any further steps


If you use ctrl + shift + v instead of ctrl + v to paste, Chrome will remove the formatting. I’m not if this works in other browsers

Hello, It works correctly with ctrl + shift + v but that’s not what I’m looking for. As it also removes the formatting of everything else. I wish I could just remove it for the code, it is not necessary to remove it when I paste a text, I would like to know if there is a quick ghost command to do this, like the ones you see in the gif at the first post.

@giacomosilli the code styling is a markdown expansion, if you press Backspace with the cursor at the end of the code format then it will “undo” the expansion.

There is also a keyboard shortcut. If you select some text you can use Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+K to toggle code formatting on/off.

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I know but it’s not very useful, I delete the first quote, the formatting is lost, but then I have to go to the beginning of the text and delete the first quote.

This is what I was looking for. Thank you !