Remove handlebars frontend access


I’m trying to setup my headless Ghost installation and am almost there but had one question which I am not able to figure out…

Right now leads to the Ghost frontend, what would be the best way to have this redirect to (with as the cms admin signin)?

Hey there. Have you checked out the redirects option in Ghost? You can control the directing of links with a single json file and used regular expressions to catch multiple urls:

I have tried following the instructions you provided but I might be missing something as it does not work…

I currently have this as my redirects.json file but it does not redirect


The "from" value should be relative to the site, so "/" in this case. Another option is to set your site to private mode, which would hide it from users as well as search engine crawler bots. The option can be found at the bottom of the General tab titled as “Make this site private”


I must’ve missed the part that says that it expects the relative path :flushed:

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Hey David, I’ve a similar issue but I’d like to have a different approach.
I’m using ghost as headless cms deployed on Digital Ocean with a Gatsby frontend deployed on Netlify.
I don’t want my writers to access the site from the Digital Ocean site connected with the ghost deployment since it’s using a completely different theme from the Gatsby frontend.
Is there a way I can disable the frontend in ghost and just use the backoffice?

The best way to do this is to turn on private mode in the Ghost admin :slight_smile: