Remove Subscription Bar from Homepage

Hi everyone,

I am trying to remove the main Email field and Subscribe Button (below "Weekly Solutions for Recruitment Consultants) from Homepage.

I’m using the Source Theme.

I want to keep the Subscribe button at the top right and bottom right portal access.

Try this:

    .gh-header-inner .gh-form{
        display: none;
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How can I insert an external subscription-form instead? I want to choose an external newsletter-tool. What code can I put there (around the code for the subscription-form … )?

You need to get the HTML code from your external subscription form. Then, add that code to any Ghost page/post using the HTML card.

Yes this is a way for normal pages and posts, but my question is for the homepage.

For that you need to edit your index.hbs or home.hbs (as per theme structure) and add the code for external form.