Hide/remove Subscribe buttons Episodes theme

In the Episodes theme I have managed to hide some things on the frontpage with code snippers from a genius forum user. But now, there are two things left irritating me.

One is the Subscribe in the top right corner and the other the Subscribe in the bottom.

The bottom one comes with text one can alter but as I understand it I cannot change the text from Subscribe to Newsletter or similar on my Ghost Pro plan. So question is, can I hide them with yet another code snippet?

The one on the bottom, I assume, is the one for the portal. Go to Settings → Portal Settings → Look & Feel. There you’ll see a toggle for “Show portal button” and further down the “Signup button text” – where you could change the “Subscribe” to anything else.

For the one on top, I would take the snippet we already created in the other thread and change it a bit.

The big question: do you want to just hide the subscribe button in the top, or also the “Sign in” button? If it’s both, use this (instead of singling out .gh-search, we are hiding the entire .gh-head-actions class).

  document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
    document.querySelector(".gh-archive-header").style.display = "none";
    document.querySelector(".gh-head-actions").style.display = "none";
    const moreElement = document.querySelector(".gh-more");
    if (moreElement) {
      moreElement.style.display = "none";

If it’s just the subscribe button and you want to keep the “Sign in” one, let me know. Will be a bit trickier, but we’ll figure something out :smiley:

(this time the snippet is tested on a live site :wink: )