Removing or Hiding "Powered by" on clicking Subscribe

Being new to Ghost, I am still reviewing all core and theme files to get a better understanding of how this blog system actually works, so please bare with me as I am not even a few days into learning about Ghost.

That said, I’m coming from WordPress and I understand that there’s a “code injection” available in core? Not sure how to format it all, but looking at the documentation example for adding GA support, the script is just added without the use of hooks or filters.

In WordPress, you would add the GA script to the header by “hooking” into wp_head like this:

`add_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘add_google_analytics’ );
function add_google_analytics() { ?>
script here

<?php } ` So, what I wonder is this - how do I remove the "Powered by.." that refers to Ghost using the head or footer injection OR, into what CSS file do I add the display: none!important; OR in what file is this located so that I can remove it from core? While I understand that removing from core is generally speaking a bad idea since it will come back upon next update, I am willing to go down that route if it means removing it. Any ideas while I am reviewing file by file (thinking of doing a grep..)? Thanks all and please see the screenshot if any of this is unclear.

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