Remove 'Powered by Ghost'

I would like to remove the ’ Powered by Ghost’ I have tried the css and javascript injection codes found online to no avail. I really hope this is something that can be done, if not I think I will have to switch over to a different platform. Thank you for your time!

Welcome to Ghost!

Since this is theme-specific, you’ll need to say what theme you’re using. Or better yet, link the site!
(That’s probably also the reason what you’re finding isn’t working - it’s probably for a different theme!)

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Hey Cathy!! I’m using London. I got the main page to work, but when you click a logged-in profile it still shows up in the pop up, but not the footer.


Ah. That code is coming from Portal, which loads in an iframe. So tweaking it is not easy.

This is 100% an ugly hack. (I’m making it land off the page.) If you decide to use it, you should test comprehensively on multiple screen sizes before implementing it anywhere important.
In code injection (header or footer, doesn’t matter)

div#ghost-portal-root > div:first-child {
  height: calc(100% + 55px) !important;

I assume when you say iframe its coming from ghosts servers and not a theme file i can easily change?

edit-- I made it 200000000000000000px and I can say it is as far away as I would like it. ty <3

now to figure out the mailgun dilemma since the subscribe button doesnt work at all without it from what i was reading

You certainly can make transactional email work without mailgun. However, ghost needs mailgun for newsletters. Do you have a post with the details about where you are stuck?

Correct. The ghost_head helper loads the portal code. Self hosters can change the source of portal (see config.production.json). Hosted users cannot - the files don’t live within the theme.

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