How to hide "powered by ghost" from footer

Hi, I currently have the “journal” theme, I would like to remove the powered by ghost, but I don’t know anything about development.

What could I do, is there any line of code that I can paste in “code injection”?

Thank you all very much.

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Go to Settings → Design → Site-wide

Then scroll down, you should be able to see and edit the Footer Text.

there is no option for that
Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 21-32-56 Settings - Design - KPSC prep

If it’s not available in the Design section of the Admin dashboard, it is probably hardcoded in a file, like in my theme. Try to look for footer.hbs file in partials folder of the theme if there’s one, or in some other folder.

Looking at the theme, it’s hardcoded in the default template.

If it’s only a visual thing that you care about then you can add some code injection to hide it:

.gh-powered-by { display: none; }

Otherwise if you want to completely remove it you’d need to edit the theme files.

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