Replace the Theme Landing Page with one from the Beta Editor

I am experimenting with the new Beta Editor for making a landing page by hiding the title and feature image of the page.

However, there is an issue which seems not possible to be configured from the UI: On a page’s settings it is not possible to set the Page URL to be /. I can set it to something else like /home and then remove the / route from the “Navigation”. However, I can still visit the / when typing it to the URL bar.

Can this be only solved by redirecting from / to /home or is there any other way to have your own landing page on / with the new Beta Editor?

There are a few posts about using the Beta Editor for creating a landing page but the don’t go into enough detail on how to do things.

You’ll want to change your routes.yaml - see here:

That’s how I have a landing page being served on my / page at