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Users of my site don’t see an option to ‘Report’ a Comment.

There’s an option to like a comment (heart), an option to reply and an ellipsis (…) which reveals the option to hide a comment. These are available to logged in Members.

What are the causes of not seeing the option to report a comment?

I assume that one reason would be not being logged in - this is not the issue I have, although due to the problem I’m asking about, I can’t actually test that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your advice :blush:

I’m using Ghost Pro (Creator) with the Ease Theme.

I have the answer to my own question - discovered by accident. It’s to do with the Cookie noting a user with admin rights is logged into the backend in the browser. If present, the ‘Report’ option under the ellipsis is not available (obviously, because the Admin doesn’t need this option - it would be reporting to themselves). It’s sensibly replaced by the Moderator’s ‘Hide’ button - the “moderate the comment by ‘hiding it’ button” would be an accurate, if over long name!

Clicking the ellipsis when logged in as just a Member (using a browser unassociated with an admin, so just as a member) will show the ‘Report’ button where an Admin would see the ‘Hide’ button (as pictured in my question above). But only in this circumstance.

If an admin leaves a cookie in their browser from a back end login, they will not see the ‘Report’ option when the ellipsis is clicked. This is what was happening to me.

I discovered it when I decided to use the DuckDuckGo browser to investigate the issue - it clears all cookies of course (including the ‘Admin’ cookie), so that’s when I first saw the ‘Report’ button under the ellipsis :roll_eyes:

For those who have found this thread whilst searching to find out how to Moderate, this is how it works:-
Moderation of individual comments occurs from the front end (there are some other moderator functions, such as removing an account, that are done in the back end).
The method used by Ghost to let the Admin and/or Owner Moderate individual comments from the front end requires that that the moderator must be logged into the backend as an Owner or Admin in one browser window at the same time as also being logged in as a Member (user) into the front end (in the same browser) using a second browser window.
This is because to moderate individual posts (a front end action when logged in as a Member) a cookie associated with an Admin must already be loaded into the browser to be able to moderate (which requires the back end admin login).
I’m unclear why Ghost chose this cumbersome and antithetical method when in the design stage for comments - I assume it’s because it shows the “Reported” comment in context.
It does not warrant a change now.